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What’s the Average Salary with a Masters in Urban Planning?

Earning a masters degree in urban planning opens up a number of career doors for you once you graduate. This is a multidisciplinary field, so you could work in landscape design, civil engineering, architecture, or any number of other fields; many urban planners work with large teams that include people working in all these areas and more. With this kind of degree, what kind of salary can you expect? Let’s take a look at the different career options for urban planners and the average salaries in these various fields.

Average Salary by Position

According to, urban planners make $36,927 – $82,082 annually on average depending on job title, with those who have earned master’s degrees earning even more at up to $91,500. Architects are typically the highest-paid workers in the urban planning world. You also have the option to work as a consultant, where you’ll essentially own your own business, working with a number of clients to help them with their urban planning projects. Going down this career path is undoubtedly difficult, but it can be rewarding to be your own boss and the sky is the limit when it comes to earning potential.

Salary by Employer

In the world of urban planning, one of the factors that affects your salary most is the type of employer that hires you. Community development companies are amount the highest-paying employers, where salaries generally range from $45,978 – $72,500 for urban planners, but can reach six figures as you gain experience in this field. Working for the government can also be quite lucrative. At the federal and state level, you can easily reach six-figure salary, though government departments often work with contracting companies, so they don’t hire as many full-time urban planning employers. Jobs are more readily available at the local level, with local government urban planning employees earning $45,458 – $67,950 annually.

Other Factors That Affect Salary

In addition to job title and employer type, some other factors that could affect the salary you receive as a urban planner include work location, level of experience, specialization, certifications you possess, and school you attend. You can also make more money if you participate in an internship in this field, as this shows employers that you have some experience working in real-world situations already.