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Masters in Urban Planning

by Administrator on Aug 27, 2010

Masters in Urban Planning will help any student meet the challenges that will enable them generate a positive attitude as well as be prepared to face the different challenges in this field. The student will have the option of selecting a number of courses as per their goals and needs. While looking for a school offering these courses the student needs to keep a number of things in mind. With this degree, they will not only increase their knowledge but also increase the chances of a better career and better pay.

Urban Planning covers a wide field and most programs focuses on breath. Students will have to select from a number of electives besides the core courses that they will undertake. Some of the topics they will cover include the acquiring of skills in policy formulation, Forecasting and monitoring urban programs and performance as well as getting knowledge on the development and relationship between different institutions in the public and private sector as well as the design and implementation of different plans.

The core courses in these programs include the History and Theory of Urban Planning, Urban planning Policy and Problem Process, Urban analytical Methods, Urban Research Methods, Urban Economic issues and analysis and others. The students will also select from a number of electives such as urban management, environmental law, community development and urbanization and the Environment among others. Students are also required to undertake their Thesis as well as an internship component in order to graduate.

While seeking these courses, students are exposed to two choices: Campus based program or online program. The selection will depend with the schedule of the student as well as the goals. Whatever their choice is, they should select schools that are accreddited by the relevant authorities to avoid having a useless degree after they have graduated.

They should also ensure that they have checked out the requirements for the schools admission before they qualify. For those seeking financial aid, some schools that offer a number of grants and scholarship from which they can select. In addition to this, it is important that they check out the program type as well as the type of facilities and equipment the school has to offer to the student. The reputation of the school also plays an important part in the selection and therefore, should be taken into account. Additionaly, the type of instructors in terms of knowledge, experience and skills should be considered in order to get the best value out of the specified school.

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