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One of the professions that is likely to see growth in the coming years is urban planning. It is clear that we need to plan more for the future, especially when it comes to the lay out of cities. It is important to plan out the way the city will be laid out, since it… Read the full article →

The World’s 25 Best Cities to Live In

Are you itching to make a move? Want to know where you should go? There are plenty of amazing places to live all over the world. Of course, each of us may have different opinions as to what constitutes a great place to live. There are twenty five cities on our list, and they’ve been… Read the full article →

Community planning is a growing field, especially in areas experiencing urban sprawl. Community planners often spend time both in the office and out in the city, so their smart phones become great productivity tools. Here are 19 apps for the Android that Community Planners are sure to use over and over. From staying organized in… Read the full article →

20 Essential Web Apps for Urban Planners

Urban Planners and civil engineers have interesting jobs that combine business management, budget responsibility, and engineering into one job. Using your smart phone is a great way to stay productive whether you’re in the office, at a job site or on the road. Here are 20 web applications we think urban planners will love. Some… Read the full article →

University-level urban planning education is generally provided as an academic degree in urban, city or regional planning and is awarded  either as an Associate’s degree, Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree, or Doctorate. As urban planning programs tends to be quite smaller in them, therefore, they are taught as part of different courses in an architecture school,… Read the full article →

Masters in Urban Planning

Masters in Urban Planning will help any student meet the challenges that will enable them generate a positive attitude as well as be prepared to face the different challenges in this field. The student will have the option of selecting a number of courses as per their goals and needs. While looking for a school… Read the full article →